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Making the law more human. 

We’re bringing a touch of humanity to the legal world. Our platform is designed to simplify legal case management.

With Lawyerly, you’ll find a human-centric ecosystem that puts people first, connecting lawyers and clients and streamlining the legal process. We take care of the details so you can focus on what matters most – your practice, your clients, your future.

We understand the law.

We're a team of lawyers who advocate for simplicity. With two decades of industry experience, we understand the complexities of legal work and believe there's a simpler way to do it. We should spend more time practicing law and serving clients, than doing admin. That's where we come in.

Lawyerly is designed to take the weight off your shoulders, freeing you to concentrate on what truly matters—delivering exceptional legal services to those who need them most. Let's make law simple together.

Lawyerly comes packed with features designed to empower you. It automates the tricky tasks, making your workload lighter and your days more productive. You'll find it easy to work together with your team, organise your documents, and communicate with your clients safely. Dashboards give you and overview of everything happening in your firm or company. Plus, you can trust that your information is secure.

And we want to make it easier.



Lawyerly's features are designed to make your life easier. 

Diary System

Seamlessly schedule and manage your appointments, deadlines, and tasks, ensuring you never miss a beat.


Simplify your invoicing process. Accurately track time spent on cases, auto-generate invoices, and receive payments with ease.


Use the power of AI to automate and streamline your tasks. 

Client Communication

Streamline your client communications with integrated messaging and mail. Keep clients informed and involved throughout their case journey.


Organise and access all your legal documents in one secure place. With easy search and categorisation, never lose track of a document again.

Air-Tight Security

Sleep easy knowing your sensitive case information and client data is protected with state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols.


Add multiple users on a case, ensuring you can work with assistants and paralegals to help you manage and see real time updates. 


Manage tasks and reminders to ensure nothings skips a beat. Assign tasks to others in your practice, making everything so much easier. 


Lawyerly's platform is intuitive and easy to navigate. From our experience, it is seamless to start using without training barriers. 

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Lawyerly is totally custom-made for you. Just tell us what you're looking for, and we'll show you how Lawyerly can make things easier.

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